Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Know Authentic GUESS Watches (before the purchase)

How to Know Authentic GUESS Watches (before the purchase)

Today, we will talk about GUESS watch. There are lots of Guess watches around both authentic and fake.

The question we often ask is "How do I know this is authentic Guess watch?"

Well, let me tell you in detail what to look before / after purchase.

Before Purchase!
What do I need to do to make sure I'm buying the authentic GUESS watches?

1. Price
If you see the price too low, more than likely it's a fake Guess. Original Guess watch running between $79.99 - $140 and Guess by Marciano run between $120  - $300.

The price in US $ looks like the above tags. Remember if you see the price too low, big chances is a fake watch.

2. Ask the "seller" question
- Is this Authentic Guess Watch?
- How do I know this is authentic Guess?
- Is there any warranty from GUESS?
The answer from above question should show you how confidence the seller is about his/her watch. The great seller should convince you that their product are authentic.

3. See if other seller/store sell the same product you want to buy
Please check if other sellers sell the same product or "google" it. If you see some other seller, than more chances it is an authentic watch.
If you don't see other seller sell it, then it might be newest collections, limited edition, old collections (that don't produce no more), or fake watch.

4. See the seller rating on feedback or review.
See what others customer said about the seller. These the most honest review. See if lots of customer saying fake about the products. If only one or two, it's probably customer mad, but if more than 5, we can raise the flag.

5. Buy from reputable seller or seller has been selling more than 7 years.
Here are the list:
Guess Moda on eBay
Guess Lover on eBay
Ebay Guess Store

Hope it helps you guys :) 
Thank you for reading

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