Friday, June 8, 2012

How to Know Authentic GUESS Watches (after the purchase)

How to Know Authentic GUESS Watches (after the purchase)


We are back again. This time, we will let you know what to look after you got the watches.

1. Guess Box or Guess original pouches.

Those are some sample's of Guess box/ pouches out there. There might be a new one or old one. But if you see some non-Guess box / pouch, raise yourself a flag.

2. See the tag of the watch
Guess watch has original Guess tag attached to it.

Each tag has different meaning to the watch, but those are most of GUESS watch tag. If you don't see tag / weird tag, does not mean it's fake, it's just raise a flag.

3. Look at the back of the Guess watch
There are some Guess watch style: Quartz - Japan, Quartz China, Waterpro, or etc. But they should has a Guess Triangle logo on the back.
Most of the watch has "JAPAN - MOV'T", but some of the Authentic GUESS watches now manufacturer in China, so has "CHINA - MOV'T" as well.

Let's see each of the Collections means:
- GUESS Waterpro: means water resistant to certain Level watch
- GUESS Steel: means the faceplate or the bracelet made of Stainless Steel
- G-LINK: means you can adjust the bracelet manually without have to go to the shop
- G by GUESS: means G by GUESS Collections watch
- Marciano: means Guess by Marciano Collections watch

4. Ask a seller question
"How do I know these are authentic watch?" "Do you have proof of purchase?" "Why are you the only seller sells this watch"
All of the answer the seller given you should convince you in any way that he/she is selling an authentic GUESS watch.

5. Go to your local store to verify
This is the best confirmation that your watch is an authentic GUESS watch. Bring it to your local store and ask. If they don't know or never see, it may be brand new items from other country such as USA. Or it might be an old collections that sell no more in retail shop.
There is one more way to know, call the GUESS manufacturer watch.

Here is the information:

145 Woodward Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06854
VIA FAX: 203.866.0736

Or to save you from all the headache, buy from trusted and reputable seller:
 Guess Moda on eBay
Guess Lover on eBay
Ebay Guess Store

Here is the video of the seller:

Hope it help you guys :)

Again, these are guarantee authentic GUESS re-seller on Ebay:
 Guess Moda on eBay
Guess Lover on eBay
Xordinaire Guess Store

Happy Shopping!
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  1. learned a lot from your post. now i have already known how to indentyfy authentic guess watches.

  2. I bought this Guess watch The it contains blue tag of guess, the triangle and the Japan mvt. But the seller didnt give me the manual or any papers pls advice.